Yaz Güvendi


She works as a climate change and environment campaigns manager for Change.org, the world’s largest online signature campaign platform. She is involved in the projecting.

More Information

She is involved in the development and projecting of campaigns for the successful conclusion of the signature campaigns carried out in order to eliminate environmental problems in the world. Prior to Change.org, she worked as a Digital Communications Manager at the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), one of the most important non-governmental organizations in the world. Here, she worked in the field of developing cooperation between institutions working on natural and wildlife, determining the communication strategies of institutions, and carrying out WWF’s campaigns. Documentaries and films show examples of good practice in the field of environment and sustainability from around the world at the Sustainable Life Film Festival, where she volunteers and then serves as Communication Coordinator. She worked on the extraction of sustainability plans of institutions, worked as a project manager in the Sustainability Contract and volunteered in the fields of environment and sustainability in various non-governmental organizations.