Sefa Özkaraaslan


Sefa works as a technician at the most important solar panel manufacturing company in the Netherlands. Sefa also played basketball as a semi-professional.

More Information

He works with the establishment of smart houses with solar panels throughout Europe, especially in the Netherlands, to make the houses eco-friendly by producing clean energy in a sustainable way. In this context, he has received trainings on renewable energy sources, clean energy production, smart homes and has trained hundreds of young people to train new technicians in this field. In the Netherlands, he voluntarily gave various trainings on environment, nature and solar energy to children and youngsters and continues his activities in the field of civil society. Sefa also played basketball as a semi-professional in the Netherlands for a period and is closely involved in sports. He also carries out studies on healthy living, active aging and sporting activities. To date, he has been involved in 3 different sports and environmental-themed EU projects and has taken on duties and responsibilities as a team member in these projects.