Sports for the Fight Against Addiction

The effects of substance addiction problem continues to be an increasingly important issue for European societies. According to the 2017 European Drug Report; more than 93 million European has an illegal drug experience once in their lives and overdose deaths continue to grow every year. Recent developlents on globalization and new technologies in the past decade made drugs more accessable and internet environment has became a new market place parallel to the physical drug market. As a result, unfortunately, children who met with internet at a very young age became easy to get know and even use these substances. Also, the infographic data about the status of over alcohol consumption, smoking and the prevalence of drug use among 15 and 16-year-old children in the report indicates seriousness of the situation.

In line with this information; we came up with our project “Sports for the Fight Against Addiction”, which deals with the issue of substance addiction. Main objectives of the project are; to raise awareness for substance addiction among young people, to increase the prosperity and social development levels of the countries in this awareness and to promote healthy life. Besides, the project has following targets in particular;

– Encouraging young people to learn about healthy living, sports and good nutrition,

– To raise awareness of young people who has a key role in the development of the countries

– Working with specialist public and non-governmental organizations on substance addiction to reach and make a difference in many parts of the society.

– Raising awareness in parents about drug use

– Drawing attention to substance addiction in Europe as part of World Anti-Drug Day June 26th

– To ensure that young people create social awareness on substance addiction by involving social life