Re&Up Cycle Era

The the increasing amount of packaging waste collected and recycled every year also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. At the 2019 UN Climate Summit, all countries mentioned the importance of recycling in combating climate change.

In the researches; It shows us that after the Industrial Era, the Recycling Period is followed. Our project draws attention to this issue; and to contribute to the national recycling action plan, especially the zero waste policy of our country. Besides, the project aims to increase the awareness of the waste sector, a growing market for youth employment in Europe, among young people in our country and to gain new entrepreneurship skills in this field.

For this purpose, our goals are:

– To inform young people and local people about issues such as re & upcycling, zero waste, rerepair, waste management (Reaching 50-100 local people)
– In the recycling sector, whose market share is growing day by day, informing and mobilizing young people to benefit from new employment opportunities and revealing entrepreneurial characteristics.
– Re-use, up-cycling methods to gain creative and new manual skills (to learn 3-6 different up-cycling methods)
– Making easy and feasible action steps on how individuals will take action in recycling waste
– To teach young people how to recognize and separate waste materials and to create informative materials in this field
– To instill awareness that waste is the future of countries, not garbage
-Install an online web portal on how individuals can reuse, recycle & up-cycle waste collected in their local area and make these processes open source for everyone with practical videos (reach 2000- 10000 people in 1 year)
– Involvement of young people through non-formal education methods, active participation, EU citizenship, intercultural learning

As can be seen from the examples mentioned above, waste management and recycling issues stand out as an important issue for the EU Commission and our country. Our project has been prepared following the objectives and sub-objectives of the Erasmus + program. It also covers energy and resource use targets, especially the environment and climate change. Also, all activities are planned to contribute to the zero waste and recycling policies of our country.