Green Light for Environmental Employment

As Jump to Green, we partnered with the Action 4.3 Training Course Project, named “Green Light for Environmental Employment” which was held at Barnard Castle, Newcastle / England from 2 to 8 March. The training course, which was conducted for 6 days, consisted of various workshops, outdoor activities, brainstorming on youth employment by using green friendly policies and achieving the defined targets by using common learning methods with the active participation of young people in the process. At the same time, young migration due to climate change and environmental problems has been addressed and focused on this issue. Barnard Castle, Newcastle –the project was carried out in northern England. The accommodation is eco-friendly stone building which obtains its energy from solar panels. It is also a facility with many social, cultural and sport activities. The project was carried out with the participation of young people from England, Netherlands, Denmark and Bulgaria.