Act Local, Think Global !

“Act Local, Think Global!” project which was financed byCroatia National Agency and “European Union Youth in Action Program” was actualized in Zamršje, Rečica, Skakavac, Kablari, cret Banski Moravci, Blaengarw, Lisinia regions in 1 February-30 June with the support of Jump to Green, Creation! by home ownership of ZUK. Young people were supported in works for protection of specific biological specialities of local communities. Within this scope as Jump to Green we took place in Transnational Enteprise Project in respect to Natura 2000 Nature Protection Areas and application works in Karlovac region of Croatia in 1 – 5 March.

1000 person directly and 15000 person indirectly were benefited from the project. Thanks to the project children and young people who are decision-makers of future have become aware of environmental problems in locals and what they can do to solve the problem. At the same time adults living in the region have a visioner viewabout environment and protection of environment by attending works. During the project, the project team learnt a lot of things as cultural, social and geographical and had an experiencefrom local community.